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Welcome to my Gallery Tags each tag is hand create by me from doing tutorials, psp challenges or the fun of just web designing an graphic tag design.

For my Web Sets, Blanks, or CILM Tags you need to join my forum site HERE PSP Graphics to collect them as they are special with special permission add to them

All Gallery tags just right click to your own computer files you may add names but do not remove my copyright credits or place tag by your name on them. Not Allow.

FS aka Forum Sets = Avatar, Banner & Tag
Banners = Avatar and Banner

When you snagged take 5 minutes to say thank you for the tags you take, or drop over to my main domain HERE an say thank you in the chat box

An look for new Gallery Tags to arrive each month .. I do offer Tag & Request under my forum (which is link above)

Thanks for stopping by an may you enjoy your stay

Hugs Tinker
written April 29th, 2018

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

All New Tags Are :

These are all of my Old Tags any new tags from 2018 & the years to come is being add to my forumotion site which join HERE must be active post daily to monthly in order to say. I also share games shares, backgrounds (my forum), Skin Designs, Lots and Lots of Tags, Animations, Scrap Kits, Frame Clusters, Word arts, Tag Templates, 3d Posers, Templates, Tuts, Tag Offers, PSP Challenges xx

I also now sale at Pics for Design too go to Author>Tinkers Boo to find my designs for FTU or PTU xx

Thanks for stopping by.. All my PSP Tubes Artist are on my forum site only xx Along with Web Sets, Forum Signature Sets, and lots and lots of new tags come weekly to monthly xx

Hugs Tinker

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